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    2024 Convention Committee Opportunities

    Help organize our 2024 Statewide Organizing E-Convention!  

    • Convention Organizing Committee - general organization of the convention
    • Rules Committee - develop and propose amendments to party rules to be adopted at the convention
    • Statewide Officer Election Committee - run the election for State Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
    • Candidate Vetting and Endorsement Committee - identify and qualify Forward aligned candidates for endorsement in the November general election


    • Run for State Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary

    If you would like to serve on any of the above committees, or run for a statewide office please click the appropriate boxes on the right, enter your contact information, and click the "Save volunteer info" button. If running for statewide office, use the comment box to indicate which office.

    And - THANK YOU!

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