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We Are the Texas Forward Party

The Texas Forward Party represents the heart of everyday Texans – from West Texas to the metro cities and everywhere in between.

How we are different

We are building a party from the ground up with a strong focus on community engagement and grassroots support.

Forward offers an inclusive environment that gives a voice to the people to bring real change and civility to our politics. We say no to the political extremes and reject litmus tests.

Forward welcomes diverse opinions and encourages civil discourse, whether you lean right, left, or in the center. If you feel politically homeless, you’ll find a home in the Texas Forward Party.

We have a plan

There are common-sense, broadly supported policy solutions to the problems that plague our society. Unfortunately, in the current two-party dominated system, elected officials are incentivized to appeal only to their base voters rather than bring those solutions to the table.

The Texas Forward Party intends to change those incentives through electoral reforms such as preferential voting, open primaries, and eliminating partisan gerrymandering.

Our elected representatives can and will respond to the will of the voters, but only after we restore the ability to hold them accountable at the ballot box.

We need you

We can’t do any of this without you. Join our historic journey to save our democracy and make it work for the people.