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Local Organizer

Local organizers and volunteers are the face of the Texas Forward Party. By far the most effective way to persuade our friends and neighbors to support the Forward Party is through face-to-face or phone conversations.


  • No prior experience in organized political affairs is required.
  • Good communication skills. 
  • Able to conduct one’s affairs publicly and privately in a professional manner.

Roles and Responsibilities

The amount of time a local organizer will spend on Forward Party activities may vary widely from week to week depending on where we are in the election cycle and your own desires and constraints. A local organizer will be expected to:   

  • Connect with anywhere between 10 and 50 voters in their neighborhood to communicate the objectives and priorities of the Forward Party
  • Encourage voter registration (It would be great if you are or become a Deputy Voter Registrar in your county!) 
  • Organize local party activities such as canvassing, phone banking, block walking, postcard writing, tabling at local events, etc.
  • Assist in gathering signatures for the 2024 ballot access petitions
  • Know and communicate key dates on the Texas Election Calendar such as 
    • Precinct, county, and state convention dates
    • 2024 ballot access petition drive dates
    • Absentee/mail-in ballot request dates and processes
    • Early voting, mail-in voting, and election day dates 
  • Participate in precinct meetings and their precinct convention, if applicable
  • Assist in get-out-the-vote efforts in your neighborhood

If you'd like to help us get organized in your neighborhood, contact Alex Contreras at [email protected] OR click HERE, enter your information, and tick the "I'll be a local organizer" box, then hit the "Save Volunteer Information" button and we'll get back to you!

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