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Principles And Priorities

Political reform

  • Rank Choice Voting
  • Nonpartisan redistricting
  • Fair election access for voters
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Secure election process


  • Clear delineation between federal and state control and responsibilities
  • Secure border cities
  • Demand comprehensive immigration reform at a federal level
  • Development of a long term plan, looking at migration trends caused by political unrest, climate change


  • Providing K-12 education that prepares students for a productive employable future, whether through technical training or college education
  • Career training for workers who are displaced due to changing economic trends, climate change, and technology development
  • Developmental appropriate early childhood programs

Natural Resources 

  • Water scarcity
  • Renewable and nonrenewable energy production in Texas
  • Secure the grid from failure in extreme weather events

Public Safety

  • Gun safety programs and legislation based upon historical and sociological data trends for gun crime and violence, inside and outside Texas
  • Improved support and training for police and first responders
  • First responder personnel shortages
  • Protection of public schools


  • Affordable health care
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Shortages in the health care fields
  • Reduction of the high infant and postnatal mother mortality rates

Rural Priorities

  • Education opportunities, especially in the areas of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and other specialty programs, and the impact of a statewide vouchers program
  • Career training for oil field and agricultural workers who are displaced due to changes in climate and economy
  • Rural Texas access to police protection and other public safety programs
  • Health care access